aer is your preferred partner for a coherent integration of your project in the environment. From current observation to the prediction of future situations, aer mimplements elaborated methods to offer effective and sustainable solutions tailored to complex and large scale situations.


Transportation infrastructure

Thanks to its expertise in the field of noise of transport infrastructure, aer advises you for the control of noise and vibration of road, railway or airport. We help you throughout your project by offering coherent action plans in line with your technical and financial constraints. Recognized partner of roads and environmental services for canton of Vaud and Valais, we are currently in charge of traffic road noise studies.

  • Noise impact assessment for the integration of the project in the environment
  • Measures of sound immission according to the Ordinance for the Protection against Noise (OPB)
  • Sound mapping (especially CadnaA)
  • Acoustic and/or vibration measurements during short and long periods including the determination of road traffic (LV, PL, speeds)
  • Definition and dimensioning of acoustic protection devices
  • Comparison of various scenarios of solutions and decision support
  • Intelligent sound monitoring of environment
  • Protection of surrounding housing
  • Racing track noise planification and monitoring

Industrial noise and vibrations

aer provides its expertise and engages itself in the development of a policy of overall management of the acoustic environment of your business.
  • Determination of regulatory levels
  • Acoustic power measurements according ISO 3740 to ISO 3745 standards
  • Mechanical mobility measurements according ISO 7626 standard
  • Characterization of noise sources according ISO 9611 standard
  • Studies of sound and/or vibration impact
  • Impact estimates for the implantation of industrial sites
  • Sound mapping
  • Active noise control and modal control
  • Comparison of various scenarios of solutions and decision support
  • Post achievement control


Neighborhood noise

As an expert, aer offers a comprehensive response to your neighborhood noise problems. We accompany you from the physical characterization of the disturbance to the development of customized and effective solutions in accordance with the standards.

  • Acoustic measurements according to the standards (SIA, OPB, ISO)
  • Calculation and measurement, according to the standards, of acoustic insulation of airborne sound, shocks, and in sanitary equipment (SIA 181)
  • Verification of compliance of insulation standards for streaming music public institutions (DGE - canton of Vaud, SENE - canton of Neuchatel, SPE - canton of Valais, Commerce Police)
  • Selection of materials and processes of implementation
  • Assessment of noise exposure of employees
  • Identification of noise and vibration sources
  • Measurements of noise from construction sites
  • Noise measurements and control from animals, pets, cattle...


Noise reduction of technical installations
Environmental noise measurements
Acoustic monitoring of traffic noise
Environmental noise monitoring
Acoustic mapping in 2D
Impact noise of noisy installations
Acoustic mapping in 3D